discovery. relevance. ease.

our mantra for developing online services that engage users, seamlessly on any device.


We build online publishing tools, services, and brands.

Our focus is on personalized content discovery and recommendation engines — connecting users to relevant content they value.

An example is our content discovery web site,, a smart mobile web reader service for Houston.

Managing Velocity

How content is packaged and distributed can mean the difference between success and failure. Digital publishing systems have to do more than just post blogs to sustain meaningful engagement with smart, active digital consumers.

Getting engaged

Finding the content you want, when and how you want, should be easy. Curated services that deliver personalized content, quickly on any device, can rapidly grow engaged audiences.

Ease of Use

Everything is moving faster these days. So too your content must stream and re-circulate through the web to reach maximum effectiveness. Our mobile web content services are speedy and easy to use on any device.

The Team


Paul Bailey, founder and cto.
As a developer, Paul has built impressive publishing systems for companies such as He is the founder of, a web based code editor that features Google Drive integration and realtime collaboration. Paul chairs the PyTexas Web for the PyTexas conference, and is Python Web Development Houston Organizer.


Chris Hearne, founder and ceo.
A media veteran, Chris founded and ran two of Texas' most acclaimed media properties, Austin's city magazine, Third Coast, and the alternative weekly Houston Press. Chris also served in senior leadership positions at Microsoft and Clear Channel Entertainment, driving major new digital initiatives for both companies.


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